Iliria Boutique Hotel
Tirana, Albania
Interior Design / Supervision Design / Construction


The restaurant is designed as an open space where functional zoning is achieved through elements of the interior such as columns boisserie and an aluminum pergola ceiling with a tonality, specially designed furniture or green elements that do not themselves create a cool atmosphere for even provide the right privacy.

At the bottom of the room it is design the open kitchen with a large front counter where the service also integrates the attitude of tasting the chef's specialties.

It was also important to us and our client that the space could function without compromise from early morning through late night while maintaining its functional variability .So we provided ample and flexible seating, power points and areas geared equally towards both privacy and the happenstance run-ins increasingly found in modern workspaces or a café

The space is heavily glazed and washed in sunlight throughout the day so we were conscious of creating texture and relief in many of the surfaces while mixing materials with a sheen or luster and those that were soft and matte to augment the kinetic quality of the light while providing comfort.

We designed the restaurant to be as warm, welcoming and happy (and even appetizing) at night as it is during the day, and created the joinery and furnishings to look better with some wear and tear after heavy use