Tirana, Albania

The combination of natural light and white walls creates an interesting shadow-game in the interior, which is then reflected by the playfulness of marble and gold mirror embedded in custom ironwork. The use of classical ornamental details in this modern interior gives the apartment a Baroque sensibility. White marble tables laced with dark metal finishing and modern chairs accompanied by a dominant gold lighting, create the perfect setting for dining. The whiteness of classical boiseriepanelling, gently washes out over the brown curtains.

White colour and the elegant mouldings are loyal companions to each other. LED lighting on the ceiling, makes the minimal golden metallic light fitting look like a suspended watch mechanism. Pastel colours and the sanded wood parquet give the ambient a touch of warmth.

As living room and dining area are a combination of classic and modern, the kitchen has only modern features. The white marble countertop and the whiteness of the kitchen cabinets suggests purity. In order to break this massively used nuance, a gold metal library and a dark marble bar counter are located next to it.